The Window FLC (WFLC) is a durable, lightweight and reusable foldable large container with hinged flaps on its long and short sides. These flaps (or windows) allow easy access to the container content, enabling the customers to reduce turnaround times, improve operational efficiencies and increase profitability. 

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Strongest Plastic

WFLC can support a unit load of 750 kg which is unrivalled in the industry and facilitates a stacking load of 3200 kg  for a 4-on-1 stacking.

Efficient Reverse Logistics Solution

With its lowest folded height, Window FLC stacks up to 8 in a standard truck and up to 10 high in a mega truck, offering efficient space savings.


100% recyclable and environment-friendly material which is compatible with dollies, conveyors, and other warehouse equipment. 

Ergonomic and Versatile

The non-sequential folding and easy-to-use locking devices means with just one operator, you can erect and fold the WFLC, saving labour costs and handling times.


LEAP India introduces Window FLC, a durable, lightweight, hinged-flap foldable large container. The Window FLC is tough and reusable, enabling the customers to save energy, reduce their environmental impact and increase profitability. The future-proof design of the WFLC makes it suitable for industries as diverse as Automotive, Agriculture, Retail, Food Processing and Industrial Manufacturing. The WFLC is custom-tailored for customers who need manufacturing packaging with a minimal quantity of materials and maximised service life.


1. Lower weight and more durable.
2. Larger capacity in comparison with other FLC containers.
3. Easy to fold and unfold.
4. Hinged flap on long and short sides which allows easy access to the container content.
5. User does not need to lean in to reach parts lying on the bottom of the container stacking up to 5 pcs.
6. Capacity of one container is up to 750 kg.
7. Height after folding 295mm.

Wastage Reduction
Environmentally Sustainable
Better Operational Efficiency
Reduced Packaging and Handling Costs
Holistic Protection


Window FLC are best suited for moving all type of parts for a wide range of industries. Drop us a message to know how we can help your SCM achieve better operational efficiencies.

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