LEAP Utility Box

A stackable, nestable material handling equipment that speeds-up your supply chain delivery operations. These standard, reusable plastic containers will meet all your packaging needs for any kind of parts, streamlining your operational workflow and reducing line-side waste removal and repacking.

Utility Boxes are your ideal alternative to cardboard and other paper-based packaging option. Our durable plastic containers last for years, allowing you to get more value for money. Plus, Utility Boxes are better for the environment as they eliminate the waste created by transporting, processing, and storing goods in one-time-use packaging.

LEAP India has 15 years of experience in providing the best-quality Utility Boxes for businesses of all kinds. These containers come in standard sizes and styles and are used to store inventory, sort components, distribute merchandise, and much more. Utility Boxes aren’t just used for both industrial and commercial settings with today's warehouse managers seeking to make their daily operations more sustainable and efficient. 

LEAP India Utility Box

Minimize Cost

Minimize packaging, transportation, storage and handling expenses.

Minimize Wastage

Reduce single-use packaging waste.


100% recyclable and environment-friendly material which is compatible with dollies, conveyors, and other warehouse equipment.

Save Space

The LEAP Utility Box saves about 60% space when compared to ordinary crates or carboard boxes.

Never Worry About Your Goods

The LEAP Utility box is a robust, lightweight, stackable and nestable material handling solution, valuable for last mile delivery and best suited for industries which involve the movement of consumable goods from one location to another on a daily basis. LEAP Utility Box are offered as an alternate of corrugate boxes and rigid crates, which are stackable and nestable in nature. 

1. Nestable - reduces freight costs
2. Long life reusable container
3. Integral lids for strength and security

4. Nestable - reduces freight costs
5. Long life reusable container
6. Integral lids for strength and security

7. Heavy duty/durable
8. Attached lids prevent loss of materials

Leap India
Leap India
Leap India


LEAP India Utility Box

Food and Beverage

LEAP India Utility Box


LEAP India Utility Box


LEAP India Utility Box


LEAP India Utility Box

Warehouse & Cold Storage

LEAP India Utility Box


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Beginning its operations in 2013, LEAP India has created a significant pan-India presence and are one of the leaders in the supply chain pooling space in India.

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