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Climate change is real and there is an immediate need to act decisively to address this problem. Hence, LEAP focuses on contributing and creating a more positive impact on the environment through Sustainable Supply Chain Pooling Solutions. Our Sustainability strategy is to replace the use of single-use packaging by providing Pooling solutions through reusable packaging to our customers, which comes under our Returnable Packaging services. This will enhance efficiency in their Supply Chain creating a positive impact on the environment.

LEAP India defines Sustainability as a mission-driven initiative that will systematically lead to a positive impact on our environment. We've always adopted responsible business practices within the company and are committed to ensure that our business practices are responsible, reliable and safe. Our core mission has always been to provide Sustainable Supply Chain Pooling Solutions and we aspire to create a wide talent pool that is driven and motivated towards conducting our business in a responsible manner. 

LEAP India


Restoring Resources

LEAP India supports workflows that restores land, preserves wildlife, and help conserve natural resources. 


Trees Saved


Water Saved


Gigawatt hours
Power Saved 


Oil Saved 


Kilo Tonne Wastage Saved


Kilo Tonne CO2 Emissions Reduced


LEAP's inherent business processes are devised to be sustainable from scratch. A case in point is that of our Pooling Services, where our customers have become energy efficient, have zeroed-in on wastage, and have consumed lesser natural resources than conventional norms. When they choose LEAP, our customers naturally become a part of our sustainable practises.

Sustainability - The Need of the Hour

LEAP India Sustainablity

Creating a Zero Waste Planet

LEAP India has always advocated for its partners and customers to move towards a smarter and sustainable operational workflow that eradicates wastage. We, together with our pool of customers, work on new ways to satisfy increasing consumer demand with minimal impact on the environment we live in. We plan to create a Zero Waste Planet by following three mantras:

Eliminating Wastage

Lean thinking is at the forefront of our initiatives. Since our inception, we've pledged to decrease costs, enhance quality and transform the bottom line by reducing wastage in every area of our operations be it food or packaging waste. It has been our long-term mission to eliminate non-value processes from our workflow to enable reduced inventory, space, and resources, while adhering to reduced turnaround times and minimized costs to produce more and meet the ever-increasing consumer demand.

Eradicating Deadhead Miles

One of the most common examples of wastage in the logistics industry is when trucks drive empty. These miles are referred to as empty miles or non-revenue miles or deadhead miles. Deadhead miles considerably increase CO2 emissions and fuel expenses which affect profitability. LEAP India is always on the lookout for innovative solutions to reduce deadhead miles and the subsequent impact that it brings onto our environment.

Reducing Supply Chain Inefficiencies

Inefficiencies can slow down a supply chain which could cost them time, money, and resources. LEAP India is committed to improving our customers' operational efficiencies by investing in technologies and data that could help them achieve better capacity utilization and reduced inventory and planning cycle time so that they can make better operational decisions.

Beginning its operations in 2013, LEAP India has created a significant pan-India presence and are one of the leaders in the supply chain pooling space in India.

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