Returnable Packaging is a practice of reusing packaging materials, without impairment of its protective function, to move products efficiently and safely throughout the supply chain.

  • Durable returnable packaging options
  • Extended life cycle
  • Reduced cost
  • Environment-friendly

Our packaging systems are manufactured using sustainable materials that can bring in profitability and rapid returns on your SCM. It also provides more efficient distribution, handling, and warehousing of your products. LEAP India is a market leader in Returnable Packaging and one of the best service providers in India.

  • Reduces environment impact
  • Improved product safety
  • Helps in keeping the worker's safe
  • Reduces environment impact
  • Lower waste management cost

Returnable packaging can save the environment from the damage caused by new packaging while saving money for the company since they only have to pay for the packaging once. LEAP India can help you improve the way you ship your products. Unlike one-way packaging, which will lead to unnecessary wastage as your packaging would simply be thrown away once it reaches its final destination, returnable packaging offers a variety of great benefits.

Returnable packaging is a cost-effective alternative for companies that have to work with an extensive flow of goods. Returnable packaging can replace one-way packaging with a returnable solution which can significantly reduce the impact that single packaging has on the environment. With returnable packaging, assets, once arrived at the destination, are collected and sent back to the distribution point.  

Keep track of your packaging and minimize any losses with LEAP's returnable packaging solutions. LEAP offers a broad range of packaging products for material handling, transportation, and storage. Our team can work closely with you to find the best possible solutions for your pain points. Our range of returnable packaging products includes FLC, Windlow FLC, Crates, Utility Boxes and much more.

Our packaging products are used for all types of applications and industries. Our approach is to address your whole supply chain workflow to offer an optimized and complete packaging solution that minimizes your total operational costs. Without the right packaging solutions, your product could get damaged during transportation and the subsequent costs could get out of control. Create customized packaging solutions with LEAP in order to protect your products while minimizing costs. 

Get in touch with us to know how LEAP can help your business. 

Beginning its operations in 2013, LEAP India has created a significant pan-India presence and are one of the leaders in the supply chain pooling space in India.

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