Equipment Pooling 

LEAP India is devoted to being the industry leader in innovation when it comes to supply chain solutions that leverage sustainable shipping platforms whilst providing unmatched value for our clientele.

  • Reliability.
  • Flexibility.
  • Unmatched scale of operations.
  •  Wide array of solutions.
The Pooling services in India are dependent, and continue to rely, on effective redistribution costs. For this, we are always on an alert to ensure empty miles, asset losses, and storage costs are kept minimal. LEAP's standard Wooden Pallets and the Foldable Large Containers pass through the supply chain; the equipment is transferred from one participant’s account to the next in an exact user-pays arrangement. The ultimate responsibility for ensuring this equipment is in the optimum condition lies with us, and clients use our MyLEAP solution to record & track the movement of pallets or FLCs.



No Capital Investment, No risk.


Can be quickly repaired without wasting time.


Quality Assurance at its best.


Effective Account Management.


Environmentally Sustainable- the most crucial trend in modern business .



In its most simplistic form, equipment pooling is the shared usage of transit equipment by multiple customers who collectively benefit from it, versus managing and maintaining reusable equipment individually.

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