Foldable Large Containers (FLCs) are collapsible plastic containers which are used to transport a variety of cargoes. These containers are specially designed to reduce the cost of relocating empty containers while providing maximum product protection and load stability.



Ergonomic latches help in minimizing supply chain hassles as the components can be directly delivered to the assembly lines.

Reduced Costs

FLCs negate the cost of disposable packaging and reduce transportation and inventory carrying costs by deploying a single customized container ensuring Just-In-Time (JIT) delivery.


100% recyclable and environment-friendly material which is compatible with dollies, conveyors, and other warehouse equipment.

Improves Flexibility

Streamlines line-side processes and eliminates strapping and wrapping of materials, which improves handling flexibility and product security

OEM-Compliant Containers

FLCs are custom-tailored for the automotive industry, where components are small and there's a pressing need for on-time delivery in bulk quantities directly to the production lines. FLCs aid the provision of incorporating customized inserts within the container which can house the components as per the specifications defined by the OEMs.

Suitable for line side storage

Reduced environmental impact. Fully recyclable materials result in minimal wastage in the Supply Chain

Reduced environmental impact. Fully recyclable materials result in minimal wastage in the Supply Chain

Leap India
Leap India
Leap India


LEAP India

LEAP FLCs are best suited for moving all type of parts for a wide range of industries. Drop us a message to know how we can help your SCM achieve better operational efficiencies.


Suitable for line side storage.

Fitted with
label holders to
easily identify container
Crate contents.

Reduced risk of
temperature degradation
for perishable items
on non-refrigerated docks.

Lesser risk of
product damage.

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Beginning its operations in 2013, LEAP India has created a significant pan-India presence and are one of the leaders in the supply chain pooling space in India.

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