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Demographic analysis to build an edge.

1 August, 2020

Extensive data analysis is making a significant impact on the Supply Chain industry, companies are integrating Artificial Intelligence into the process to identify opportunities in the market.

Consumer trends, logistics biases and processes, competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, all of these penetrations pool together into comprehensive dataset one can use to discover customer effort points and make detailed projections for the future of the market. After all, one of the keys to success is the ability to be proactive and prognosticate in future.

Innovative Technologies in Supply Chain!

10 August, 2020

Technology is modifying every industry across the globe, and it’s dramatically stimulating the industry world ahead. Through the fusion of technological solutions such as Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data Analytics and even wearable tech for employees, companies are capably creating an edge by performing better service for their customers.

One of the sectors that benefits most from this accelerated integration is the Supply Chain sector in India. With this in mind, let’s crackdown some of the critical discoveries that are transforming the Supply Chain industry in India. 

LEAP India
LEAP India

Robotics and Business-wide automation

2 July, 2020

Speaking of automation, there is a need to highlight the value of robotics in Supply Chain management, and how it can benefit warehouses and manufacturers overcome production and pickup times, optimize sorting, and significantly diminish the risk of human error. Not only is this a right way for business owners to minimize payroll expenses, but also long-term investments in labour as well.

Introducing robotics solutions brings progressed efficacy in the warehouse, without having to bother about work-related injuries and other potentially crippling situations.
Technology is transforming every industry in the world, and it’s making a significant impact on supply chain management. The world of technology is one of stimulating change. Today’s customers not only command everything faster but want to pay less for it. Short product life cycles, high speed-to-market, expeditious product launches and robust competition add further pressure.

The supply chain needs to be quick and flexible to cope with the fast speed of change and cost-effective to support a competitive edge, while at the same time delivering customer satisfaction. 

Innovative software to optimize the Supply Chain

11 July, 2020

Smart software is one of the mainstays of successful Supply Chain Management and Warehouse Management in general. Companies around the world are increasingly embracing Warehouse Management System technology to automate essential processes in and out of the warehouse, elevate customer service and optimize finances and increase cash flows.

Rather merely, if you’re not managing your Supply Chain through smart software, you are dropping behind. Ultimately, it all comes down to reducing errors and minimizing operating costs while advancing the bottom line and securing complete transparency between the business and the consumer market. Smart software is the way to achieve all of these goals. 

LEAP India

Beginning operations in 2013  LEAP has created a significant pan-India presence and are one of the fastest growing Supply Chain Management & Pooling players in India.

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